A1 Award

a1 award

(This Resource Package is designed to be used as a guide not to be copied or submitted as your own work).

A1 Award Package (NVQ Assessor Qualification)

This is a very neat copy of A1 Portfolio and it consists of

  • Assessment plans and the reviews
  • Observation report of feedback given to NVQ learners
  • A guide to professional discussion
  • The professional discussion report
  • 37 Knowledge Evidence Questions and Answer
  • Standardization Event Evaluation
  • Written Explanations
  • Free access to online support centre until completion of Award.

This resource is suitable for anybody who needs to put a portfolio together to achieve the A1 Vocational Assessor Award. This A1 Award resource is specific to Health and Social Care, although all A1 portfolios need to contain the same evidence regardless of what subject you are assessing. This pack will save you hours of time & when used in conjunction with the evidence requirement it will ensure you collect the right evidence in the most efficient way.

In order to achieve the A1 Award you will need to be registered through a centre, have an assessor, an independent assessor and two registered candidates that you will work with.

If you require sample documents to use as a guide apart from what comes with this pack this can be provided on the support centre.

This may include:

  • Examples of Work plan
  • Examples of Assessment plans
  • Examples of Feedback reports
  • Examples of Observation reports

Ensure you make use of the support centre for further assistance if required!


Note: This A1 Award resource will be sent to you by first class post as it is only available in hard copy. For any further enquiries please leave a comment or send us an email.